Never Sleep Again
Progressive Rock by Robert Molema
A musical story about Finnmark, struggling and a quest for a stone



"The Porter is Blind", "Never Sleep Again" & "Going Home" are 3 of the 11 progressive rock songs composed by me, Robert Molema. These songs make an album with the title "Never Sleep Again". Enjoy!!!

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Who am I

I am Robert Molema (b. 1973, the Netherlands). I studied electric guitar & songwriting at the Groninger School of Music. I played the guitar in many bands and participated in many projects and cover bands. In 2013 I decided to leave all the bands to concentrate solely on writing and producing the music for "Never Sleep Again". After finishing 11 demo's I formed my own band to start recording the ProgRock concept album 'Never Sleep Again'.

The Band

Introducing the band: Tole Emmelot on flute, Guus Willemse on bass guitar, Lourens de Vries on drums and Emile Hal on keyboards.
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