Never Sleep Again
Progressive Rock von Robert Molema
Eine musikalische Geschichte von Finnmark, Anstrengung und eine Suche nach einem Stein


Die Gruppe

Guus Willemse, Bassgitarre und Backingvocals

Guus Willemse (b. 1947, Niederlande) spielte in Bands seit er 15 Jahre alt war. Nach `The Arrow Strings` und `Truce` von Utrecht in den 60er Jahren begann Guus seine berufliche Karriere in der Band von Rob Hoeke. Von 1970, bis 1983 Guus war der Sänger / Bassist der international bekannte progressive Rockband Solution. Während und nach seiner Mitgliedschaft von Solution spielte er in mehreren anderen Bands: `Group 1850`,`The Machine`, `The Jury`,` The Passion`, `The Team` und in der Band von Margriet Eshuis. Er spielte und sang auf mehr als 100 Alben. including the seven Solution- albums and of course on the Solution reunion-DVD (2006). Er ist der Eigentümer der Website von Solution,

Solution @


Tole Emmelot, flute

Tole Emmelot, (b.1972 Netherlands) is a classical trained musician working as a music educator, musician and arranger.  As a flautist he has been involved in various projects/music groups from rock to latin music. Tole has performed internationally and appeared on radio/ television with several groups.

With the Finnmark-project he returns to one of his older musical passions: progressive rock: at the end it was Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson who inspired Tole Emmelot to play the flute.
(Photo by Shakira Tromp)

Lourens de Vries, drums

Lourens de Vries (b. 1965, The Netherlands) is drumming since his 13th and plays the guitar once in a while. When he was young he taught himself to play drums by playing along with the music of Queen, Rush and other melodic rockbands. King Crimson, Genesis, Mike Oldfield and Frank Zappa are amongst his favourite bands.

In 1994 he met Robert with whom he recorded some 'Finnmark' songs.Lourens started to play in The Snowgoats (with guitarist Sander Rozeboom-IOS), Party Players and The Vibes. From 2006-2012 he played in the symphonic rockband Resession (with Alex Staal).

Lourens plays Sonor drums & Zildjian cymbals

Emile Hal, keys & synths

Emile Hal (b. 1991, The Hague NL). Once Emile could physically reach the keys of the piano, he was not able to stop playing anymore. He especially loved to improvise and to compose.

Emile studied at the Conservatory of Rotterdam (2010-2014) where he was apprenticed to Walter Bertram.

Emile's favourite bands are Kayak, Genesis, Valensia and Gentle Giant. Emile loves complex chord progressions and complex rhythmic antics, such as syncopated rhythms and key modulations.